Based in fashion-forward New York City, PAZ COLLECTIVE's founder and president, Judy Ganeles, is an aficionada of El Mundo Mexicano. After many years dealing in Mexican art and collectibles, she focused her attention on developing an international appreciation for the modern jewelry designs from Taxco, Mexico; the silver capital of the world.

In 2002, the curator of a traveling exhibit “William Spratling And The Mexican Silver Renaissance” appointed Judy as the retail supplier to the museum gift shops in conjunction with the exhibit. With that, PAZ COLLECTIVE opened its doors to the wholesale marketplace and has since focused on fashionable and unique, handmade sterling silver jewelry.

After being inspired by a trip to India and craving some razzle-dazzle, PAZ established jewelry workshops in Jaipur, India in 2011. This new collection of handmade sterling silver and 18kt gold plated jewelry features a colorful array of semi-precious gemstones and adds a fresh look to PAZ COLLECTIVE's sterling repertoire.

While working in India, PAZ became enchanted by the colors. The rainbow assorment of scarf designs we devloped are a result of this local inspiration. Launched late 2014, PAZ's new textile divsion enjoyed immediate success. PAZ COLLECTIVE scarves feature natural fibers, often incorporating hand-weaving and hand-dying techniques by skilled artisans.

PAZ COLLECTIVE has established relationships with its accounts for many years - attesting to the quality of our designs and our superior customer service. Our collections can be found in over 200 boutiques and gift shops around the world as well as at major retailers.

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